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COVEY FACS operated the O-1 E/F Birddogs from 1965, O-2As from 1967, and OV-10s from 1969. On 27 March 73, the 20thTASS was de-activated. All OV-10 pilots were reassigned to the 23rd TASS at Nakhom Phanom, Thailand.

Ken Kimbrough "Pyramid 36"
Webmaster, 505th TCG Website
Det. 9, 619th TCS, 1965-66
Big Eye Task Force, 1966



ImaginAir Designs

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Phone no. 505 345-2308-
On the home page choose Liaison & Observation Aircraft -
Then choose 1960s and you will see the L-19 Birddog stamp -(catalog #M5019)
$7.95 US$ - Hopes this helps - Carol Mulvihill 


Airport Information

Kansas Aviation Museum - Wichita

Scott Cummings writes:
Scott Cummings <>

This is a patch that Col. Thomas Meehan(USMC Ret) had made in Korea. Thanks Tom! If anyone would like one, please contact Tom.

Phu Bai is alright!

Let's stand up for the GI


Steve Frushour
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Download from the internet

Medal of Honor

mwm <>

For possible inclusion at the web site, as a link, or on it's own, the Citation of the Award of the Medal of Honor,to Captain Hillard A. Wilbanks, USAF for actions on 24 Feb 67. The only Birddog pilot to receive the MOH.

Mike McKendry



A website with some great aviation pictures. It's a little graphics heavy, but worth it.


I had to wait till I got home tonight to send you the information you requested. There is a mail order company that deals in models call "The Squadron". Last year I bought two O-1E Bird Dog models from them. I have not seen them in their catalog lately but that doesn't mean they don't have it in stock. They have a website: and e-mail address is

You may call them at (972) 242-8663

Jose' C. Cano, Jr.

Gene Putnal wrote:


The only thing I can "show" you immediately would be the attached jpeg.....
courtesy of Carl LaMonica . This graphic is HIS PROPERTY
and appears on the Camp Holloway web site:
I believe the image to be a partial scan of the unit patch of the 219th....The patch has an unusual shape.
Incidentally, His guestbook archives contain a number of "Headhunter" entries.

Gene Putnal

Offering over 14,000 different US Military Insignia from 1940 to current.

Military websites
From: Michael McKendry, USAF 1970-'74
The A.F. Museum in Dayton, OH - collection contains an O-1
Allows you access to Capt. Wilbanks Medal of Honor Citation.

Publisher of Minard Thompson's book The Lovable One-Niner
and other military titles.

The world's premier aviation photography Web site.



EAA Warbirds of America

Warbirds of America is a division of the Experimental Aircraft Association in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and is a family of owners, pilots and enthusiasts of "warbirds", or ex-military aircraft.


Link for veterans

Thailand Laos Cambodia Brotherhood
A website for those who served in these theaters.

220th Catkillers

The 220th Catkillers were located in Hue/Phu Bai , Da Nang, and Dong Ha, Republic of Vietnam. The pilots and observers flew recon to spot for artillary, air strikes, and off shore strikes for many different units. They flew L-19 O-1 Bird Dogs into very difficult and dangerous situations often putting themselves in harms way.

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L-19 Classifieds
As a member you'll have access to the full classifieds section.
The public area only contains listings of Bird Dogs for sale.

Warbird Parts
A supplier of parts and memorabilia for vintage and military aircraft.
This has a few BirdDog parts, but not it's primary focus.


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